Discipleship Groups are groups of 3–5 men or 3–5 women who meet together 1-2 times/month for focused, conversations of substance. Like everything at RBC, these groups grow out of our mission to make much of God and to make disciples.

Purpose of Discipleship Groups

As a smaller, more personal gathering of 3-5 people, the vision for Discipleship Groups is that they be a place where we can spend focused time in God’s word, prayer, and accountability, as we disciple one another through the triumphs and tragedies of life. That means we will use these meetings to move our conversations beyond mere chit-chat; nor do we just want to get to know basic, even personal, facts about one another (such as “So, where did you grow up? Where do you work?“). We must go deeper than this.

We need to get beneath the surface and into the thinking, loving, and willing of our hearts. We need to expose and explore our hopes, fears, and anxieties. These are the places we tend not to want to go with others (or even with ourselves) but where we desperately need Jesus to come and reign. So, to that end, Discipleship Groups are encouraged to spend time reading and praying through Scripture together. They should also feel free to read through and discuss good books to which we have access in our theological rich, reformation heritage. Discipleships Groups are our strategy for encouraging deep discipleship among RBC members.

Since our discipleship groups are aimed at equipping men to minister to other men and women to minister to other women, it’s worth mentioning here a few other sex-specific ministry opportunities at RBC. At 8:00 am on the second Saturday of each month, the men have breakfast today, pray for one another, and learn together how to grow as mature and godly men. The women have a similar monthly Saturday meeting for coffee and conversations.

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Getting Started with Discipleship at RBC

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Men’s Discipleship Groups

The Men’s Discipleship Groups at Redeemer Baptist Church are dedicated to fostering growth in Christ through the transformative power of God’s Word, the guidance of His Spirit, and the collective service and support of His people. These groups provide a path of discipleship that involves engaging with each other, continuing to evangelize with love and purpose, establishing believers in sound doctrine, and equipping them to use their spiritual gifts for the growth and edification of the body of Christ.

“Discipleship is the lifelong process of learning to trust Jesus, love Jesus, and live for Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit, in the fellowship of the church.” – R.C. Sproul

Times and Locations

“Exploring God’s Ancient Pathways,” meets every other Saturday at 7:30 at the church.

The group comes together to read and discuss an Old Testament Survey from Chapel Library. While utilizing the survey as a foundation with thought-provoking questions, the discussions extend to other important aspects of the text that have deepened their understanding of God or have brought surprising insights. In addition to the engaging discussions, the group also dedicates a significant portion of their time to prayer, seeking the Lord’s guidance, wisdom, and blessing. This comprehensive approach to exploring God’s ancient pathways combines insightful study, vibrant discussion, and heartfelt prayer, leading to a deeper connection with God and His Word.

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“Steadfast Fellowship and Prayer Circle” gathers every Wednesday at 10 am in room 600.

The meetings last for a precisely timed one hour, allowing for a steady and consistent gathering. Instead of studying a specific topic, the group focuses on catching up with one another, providing mutual encouragement and exhortation, and reciting their Fighter verse. They also typically read an excerpt from A Gospel Primer and spend time in prayer for each other. The meetings tend to pass quickly, filled with meaningful fellowship and spiritual engagement.

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“Theopolis Fellowship” meets approximately every two weeks on Thursday evenings at 6 pm.

The focus of the group is currently on studying the book “On Earth as in Heaven: Theopolis Fundamentals” by Peter Leithart. They have been progressing through the book by reviewing one chapter during each meeting. This structured approach allows for in-depth discussions and deeper understanding of the material.

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