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Here we will list out some of the most requested and helpful resources for Christian living that we come to find and receive ourselves from time to time. If there is a book that you’ve found particularly helpful or other resource, please mention it to one of our staffers or deacons or elders and we will gladly review it!

Book Table


If you find any books at the Resource Book Table at church on Sunday that you would like to add to your collection as you grow in your knowledge of the Lord and love for His ways and people, you may use this option to cover the cost of the book as well as buy books for others. 

RBC Ministry


Get access to our application forms for everything from Family Camp to Church Membership to Counseling Center Intakes. 

Membership Process

“Saints by profession are bound to maintain a holy fellowship and communion in the worship of God, and in performing such other spiritual services as tend to their mutual edification…”

(London Baptist Confession of Faith, 1689).

Becoming a member of Redeemer Baptist Church is a four-step process:

First, complete the Membership Matters class.

This class serves to orient potential members to the mission and vision of Redeemer Baptist Church and can either be completed online through a six-part course or attended in person at one of our regularly scheduled weekend classes throughout the year (check the announcements for the next scheduled class). We typically hold three of these classes per year.

During this time, we can also connect you to a small group near you. We want every member to be connected to the body life of our church. You can get that connection here.

Second, complete the pursuit of the Membership Application.


Once you have completed the class and filled in the application, you can email it to Besides basic information and writing out your conversion story, you’ll be to affirm our confession of faith and Membership Covenant. The former is the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith that covers the basics of historic Christianity, and the latter is a document that lays out our commitments to one another as covenant members.

Third, meet with an elder for a membership interview.

Once you complete the membership application, you’ll receive a prompt to schedule a membership interview with an elder. This interview is intended for our pastors to hear more about your story, tell you more about covenant membership, and discuss the content and importance of the Redeemer Baptist Church Membership Covenant. The elder with whom you meet will also seek to answer any questions you might have related to our church. At the end of this interview, you will sign the church membership covenant. The results of all Pursuit of Membership interviews will be discussed by the elders prior to presenting candidates as members of Redeemer Baptist Church.

Fourth, attend a Membership Sunday!

If it is determined in the judgment of the elders that the applicant for membership meets the requirements for membership, you will be baptized (if necessary), and received into membership by public announcement at the conclusion of the last Lord’s Day worship service of the month, reciting an abbreviated version of our church covenant together as a church body.