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Below is our intake form if you are looking for counseling help at RBC. We prioritize support for church members of RBC, but all are welcome to reach out to us for guidance and counsel. These services are provided complimentary.

Additionally, we have prepared some PDFs for you to access to learn more about our process or if you wish to download and fill out the form after printing it to bring with you to your first meeting.

PDFs for Downloading and Printing (if desired)

Please submit the intake form below for the fastest response times:

Personal Data Inventory

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Redeemer Baptist Church Counseling Ministry Welcome Letter

Redeemer Baptist Church

Counseling Ministry Welcome Letter

Dear Friend,

Welcome to the counseling ministry of Redeemer Baptist Church (RBC). We know how hard it is to ask for help, and we understand that it takes courage, faith, and humility to take that step. Our prayer is that the Lord will bless this initial step that you’ve made and our subsequent counseling sessions.

Our endeavor in the RBC counseling ministry is two-fold. First, we aspire to provide the highest quality, Christ-centered counseling to individuals and families hurting or in conflict. Secondly, we seek to equip pastors, elders, and others to learn how to use the Bible to counsel in their local churches. As a result of that endeavor, we may have one or two observers in the session with you taking notes on how to counsel biblically. These observers sign confidentiality forms and are instructed to pray each week for those that they observe.

Forms: Your next step is to read the letter entitled “Redeemer Baptist Church Counseling Ministry.” This letter will help you plan to get the most out of your counseling. Please also read and initial the consent to counsel form and the confidentiality form. Next, you will fill out the personal data inventory form (PDI); please fill out a set for each person seeking counsel. Please allow enough time to complete the documents thoroughly. Bring these forms with you for your scheduled time. If time permits, you may return the papers in advance of your appointment. If you are comfortable doing so, you may return them via email or regular mail. These actions will help your counselor to be more prepared for your next visit.

Cost/ Donations: Counseling is a ministry of the church, and hence there is no charge for the counseling you receive at RBC. If you wish to donate, you can make a check out to Redeemer Baptist Church with “Gift for Counseling” in the memo line. Receipts for donations can be mailed to you at year’s end by our church secretary if you would like.

Resources: Besides the Bible, we may suggest that you utilize books and pamphlets to help you deal with your particular problem. We have some on hand that you may find helpful.

Childcare: We do not offer child care, so we ask that you obtain a babysitter for your children if needed.

Feel free to call the office at (864) 513-3576 or email us at counseling@visitrbc.org should you have any questions at this time.

Please bring a Bible and a notebook to each session.
Pastor Samuel Barber ACBC Certified Counselor

If you would like to use one of our buildings, please complete the form. We do request that you ask for use at least 10 days before the event.

Completion and submission of this form does not guarantee approval of Redeemer Baptist Church’s resources for your request, but will be submitted to the church’s leadership for final approval. You will be notified of the leadership’s decision as soon as possible.

Facility Use Agreement

Please list the date and times you will need use of the building(s).
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ABIDE is for your entire family! Come and enjoy everything we have planned for the weekend.

It’s a great opportunity to spend time glorifying God through family and fellowship with the body of Christ.

Registration is now open.

Interested Applicants, please complete the form below.

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